Akhnaten || Philip Glass

“Practically from the moment [that I first learned about Akhnaten] … I knew I had found the subject for my third opera,” Glass recalls in his 1987 autobiography. After the genre-busting success of Einstein on the Beach (1976) and Satyagraha (1980), Akhnaten rounded out what would come to be known as the composer’s Portrait Trilogy, a triptych of operas focused on innovators from across disciplines. “Akhnaten completed the trilogy in many satisfying ways.”. “If Einstein epitomized the man of Science and Gandhi the man of Politics, then Akhnaten would be the man of Religion.”

– Philip Glass

After Einstein on the Beach, Glass’ epic five-hour masterpiece and the best excuse for a trip to Amsterdam back in 2013, it was such a privilege to watch the third part of the trilogy, at the Metropolitan Opera no less.

Now, if only we could catch Satyagraha sometime, someplace…

The Metropolitan Opera

December 7th, 2019


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