On a Tybee Island beach you may…

crash a wedding // catch birds in midair (on camera that is) // enjoy a little dolce far niente // peer at gossips peering out from the pier // stumble upon structures coming directly out of a Wes Anderson movie // go fishing on the pier but, remember: no sharks!  (because it is actually possible to catch sharks from the pier…?!?!) // laugh out loud at the de facto appropriation of the monostyle ”private properties” by real beach dwellers (the ones with wings)…

events and observations in no particular order or preference

Tybee Beach Pier and Pavilion

April 8th, 2018

Atlantic city – Aboard the quiet car to the beach

On the train to Philadelphia, we had discovered the quiet car completely by accident. A great feature, one that trains in Europe would greatly benefit from. Why this has not been implemented on the other side of the Atlantic, is a mystery to me. We now ask the train attendant for the quiet car, every time we’re about to board a train.

Half an hour later and… what a difference 60 miles make!

A brilliant sunshine, a light breeze, unseasonably warm, an enormous beach, no crowds.

“Enjoy God’s gift to humanity!” an excited fellow walker exclaimed…

“Enjoy!” we echoed, smiling back… “as long as you remain under the boardwalk”, we added silently.

Atlantic City
February 23rd, 2017