Atlantic city – Aboard the quiet car to the beach

On the train to Philadelphia, we had discovered the quiet car completely by accident. A great feature, one that trains in Europe would greatly benefit from. Why this has not been implemented on the other side of the Atlantic, is a mystery to me. We now ask the train attendant for the quiet car, every time we’re about to board a train.

Half an hour later and… what a difference 60 miles make!

A brilliant sunshine, a light breeze, unseasonably warm, an enormous beach, no crowds.

“Enjoy God’s gift to humanity!” an excited fellow walker exclaimed…

“Enjoy!” we echoed, smiling back… “as long as you remain under the boardwalk”, we added silently.

Atlantic City
February 23rd, 2017

6 thoughts on “Atlantic city – Aboard the quiet car to the beach

    1. Yes Siiir, the Quiet Car! The one where you can be scolded for sneezing! But I’ll take it any time over having to share other people’s private conversations over cellphones etc. I do wish the concept could be adopted in all trains worldwide! 🙂


  1. This post has solved a mystery for me. I’m now quite sure that I have found myself, unknowingly, in the noisy car on every train I’ve taken. 😂 Those empty beach shots are surreal. You just need identical shots from the summer for contrast.

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    1. Hmm… unfortunately there isn’t a quiet car in all trains, why on earth they don’t adopt this everywhere I don’t know – wish they did! Especially on those early evenings with cars full of youngsters screaming their lungs out (I know… we’ve all been there :-))
      Hmm 2… I don’t think I’ll be going there in summer – not if I have a choice!

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