Spring 2020 || New York City

Anyone for a walk in Central Park?

Switched to the present for a moment, because Central Park is breathtaking this Spring, as always. So is wearing a mask, but humans are the most adaptable species, we’ll get used to them too.

Central Park

April 19, 2020

Nature’s artwork @ Sakura Park

Blossoms under the tireless supervision of the massive bell tower of the Riverside Church.

”Conceived in 1896 as an addition to Riverside Park, this two-acre park was sited on land donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. overlooking the Hudson River. In 1912 over 2500 cherry trees were planted as a gift from Japan, a gesture of friendship which also included the donation of 20,000 trees to Washington, D.C.”

Sakura Park

April 14th, 2017