Nature’s artwork @ Sakura Park

Blossoms under the tireless supervision of the massive bell tower of the Riverside Church.

”Conceived in 1896 as an addition to Riverside Park, this two-acre park was sited on land donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. overlooking the Hudson River. In 1912 over 2500 cherry trees were planted as a gift from Japan, a gesture of friendship which also included the donation of 20,000 trees to Washington, D.C.”

Sakura Park

April 14th, 2017

6 thoughts on “Nature’s artwork @ Sakura Park

  1. I knew about the ones in Wash DC, and always wanted to see them in bloom, but never knew there were Japanese cherry trees in NYC also!! Driven by Grant’s Tomb many times and never stopped, now I’ll definitely have to, thanks!

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    1. We missed those in DC! We were there the last week of April, but it’d been so mild last year that they had bloomed early and were already green when we arrived! There are a few nice places for blossom spotting in NYC and Sakura is a little quiet park, lovely when dressed in pink!

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  2. Would love to visit this park and these trees sometime in the Spring.
    It is confusing and saddens me to think that 30 years after donating thousands of trees Japan chose to drop bombs on Pearl Harbor. Seems so incongruent and tragic.

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