Fluorescent Light || Colour-Blocked Rooms

The next high rise project in Manhattan? Josiah McElheny
Bruno Taut’s Monument to Socialist Spirituality (After Mies van der Rohe), 2009
Glass and wood

This work reproduces Mies van der Rohe’s 1922 model for a theoretical, glass-clad skyscraper. But in a switch, McElheny replaces the clear windows with multi-coloured glass blocks. […] McElheny’s sculpture imagines a different history for twentieth-century architecture, one that embraced lively, transcendent spaces rather than the monochromatic monoliths of capitalism that evolved from Mies’ radical thinking.

Dan Flavin
Untitled (To Donna) II, 1971
Fluorescent light

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018

Global Inversion || NY to OR

Amanda Snyder | The Forest in Autumn | ca. 1970 | Oil on wood

Kaila Farrell-Smith | After Boarding School: In Mourning | 2011 | Oil on canvas

Diane Jacobs | Global Inversion | 2008 | Wood felt, human hair, acrylic ball

Sang-Ah Choi | All you can eat – Holiday everyday, Transcontinental Flower and Bird Painting: NY to OR, Rainbow | 2007-2012 | Mixed media

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018

In the Beginning | Minor White’s Oregon Photographs

“Long before co-founding Aperture magazine or establishing the groundbreaking photography program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Minor White (1908-1976) moved to Portland, where he sowed the seeds of what would become a forceful artistic vision. This exhibition of White’s rarely seen early work celebrates the artist’s influence on the region, and honours the Museum’s dedication to acquiring and displaying photography as the institution enters its 125th year.”

– Julia Dolan, Ph.D, The Minor White Curator of Photography

Untitled (Union Station Loading Platform) | ca. 1932 | Gelatin silver print

After the Fire Architecture (1211 Southwest First Avenue at Madison)  ca. 1939 | Gelatin silver print

Untitled (Broadway Bridge) | ca. 1939 | Gelatin silver print

Front Street, Portland, Oregon 1939 (negative) | ca. 1970 (print) | Gelatin silver print

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018


We Construct Marvels

Between Monuments

Titus Kaphar | The Jerome Project (Asphalt and Chalk) XVI | 2014 | Chalk on asphalt paper

Sarah Lucas | Oh! Soldier | 2005 | Braces, wire hanger, cast concrete army boots and nylon stockings

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons | Untitled | 1999 | Lithograph and paper pulp

William Morris | Artifact Panel | 2000 | Glass, wood, and paint

Nicholas Galanin | By-Product | 2012 | Glass and vinyl

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018

Passing Resemblance

of Reality

Randolph Rogers | Nydia the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii | 1855/1884 | Marble

Jean-Joseph-Alexandre Falguière | Bust of Diana | ca. 1882 | Bronze

Augustin Pajou | Portrait of the Marquis de Lubersac | 1772 | Terracota Heidi Schwegler | Passing Resemblance (to the artist herself) | 2014 |Silicone, hair, doll body

John McCracken | Black Box | ca. 1965 | polyester resin on fiberglass and plywood (selfie op entirely intentional)

Palmyra, Syria | Funerary Portrait: Yarkhai, Son of Ogga and Balya, his Daughter | ca. 150-200 CE | Limestone

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018