Passing Resemblance

of Reality

Randolph Rogers | Nydia the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii | 1855/1884 | Marble

Jean-Joseph-Alexandre Falguière | Bust of Diana | ca. 1882 | Bronze

Augustin Pajou | Portrait of the Marquis de Lubersac | 1772 | Terracota Heidi Schwegler | Passing Resemblance (to the artist herself) | 2014 |Silicone, hair, doll body

John McCracken | Black Box | ca. 1965 | polyester resin on fiberglass and plywood (selfie op entirely intentional)

Palmyra, Syria | Funerary Portrait: Yarkhai, Son of Ogga and Balya, his Daughter | ca. 150-200 CE | Limestone

Portland Art Museum

June 9th, 2018


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