Atlantic city – Gloom.Revel.Ten

You wouldn’t know it the way its wavy shaped windows shine in the sun. Yet, this enormous structure, built on a once-residential area at a cost of billion, remains closed since September 2014. All the 6,8 million sq.ft., 1.898 hotel rooms, 14 restaurants, spa, concert venues, nightclubs, shops and 130.000 sq.ft. gambling space of it. 2,5 years of operation, then bankruptcy. Now a still, eerie emptiness. 

A lot has been said about what is, what could have been, what should be done. This city, once thriving on speculation, is now suffering from the effects of an overdose. 

A few houses left standing in the vicinity, two in the shadow of the sleeping giant. We have to move on. It may be the emptiness but this area feels unsafe.

Atlantic City
February 23rd, 2017

6 thoughts on “Atlantic city – Gloom.Revel.Ten

  1. Wow! the image with the 2 houses seems surreal, and then again…. it all appears surreal. With its rounded contours and blue reflections of the sky this structure is, in its own way, a beautiful ghost.

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    1. Oh, where have I been…? This comment almost escaped me but, hey, I finally caught it even with a huge delay! 🙂 Actually, the whole city seems surreal to me – more accurately: a surreal dystopia. But, I agree, about this giant. There is a kind of beauty in its wavy shape; the way its slick surfaces reflect the light…

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