Business as usual


That was yesterday, Thursday November 24th, when America celebrated Thanksgiving.
I am a European. In Europe, there is no concept of Thanksgiving – not in this sense, anyway. We eat our turkey on Christmas day.

I didn’t go to Macy’s Parade this year either. Still not brave enough to face the crowd. Apparently it is enormous and it scares me, to be honest. I’ll have to devise a plan for next year. As of now, I have 364 days to make it work.

I did cook though. Roasted chicken and (sweet) potatoes with rosemary. This is a feat in itself, for I don’t think I cooked more than – say – ten times, since we came to New York. It was delicious.

We ate watching Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence.  A film where friends and acquaintances speak freely, some for the first time, offering their views and revealing truths about the myth that is Francis Bacon. My favourite artist.

Cheerio then,

November 23rd, 2017

4 thoughts on “Business as usual

  1. Having just returned from London and Amsterdam, I particularly enjoyed this post. Sure, there were no signs of Thanksgiving in either city, but there was still Black Friday (Lord, forgive us this export) and holiday lights were up and on full display. Special cookies, only found during the season, were abundant. So it was plenty festive. As for the parade, it’s an experience, but I prefer your quiet evening to all that madness out on the streets. 😌

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    1. Oh dear… yes… I just had to turn a blind eye on Black Friday! Which I managed like 60% of the time because the bombardment was constant and on all fronts 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your escape and that it wasn’t raining too much… weather in London and Amsterdam can be pretty rotten this time of the year (well, most of the time, to be honest)!

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  2. Find a friend who lives around the Macy’s Day Parade route and visit their balcony or rooftop. That way you can watch away from the crowd, see the balloons up close and be able to use the toilet when needed!

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