LVolez – The art of traveling light

In the early twentieth century, Louis Vuitton closely followed innovators who, from the airship to the airplane, blazed new trails in the air. To equip aviators and then passengers, the Aéro trunk could hold ”2 pieces of clothing, 1 overcoat, 10 shirts, 3 nightgowns, 3 pairs of underwear, 3 waistcoats, 6 pairs of socks, 12 handkerchiefs, 1 pair of shoes, 18 detachable collars, gloves, ties and hats” all weighing less than 57 pounds. Its dimensions were identical to the Aviette, a more feminine version. 

The dimensions of the Aéro trunk were:
H12.99in x W32.28in x D18.11in
H33 cm x W82 cm x D46 cm

All things considering, an early twentieth century Aéro trunk would still be every airline’s darling, even in today’s ever restrictive rules and shrinking space.

Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs long dress and cropped jacket with long skirt, S/S 2013
Marceau travel bag in cotton canvas, attributed to Dora Maar, c. 1950
Champs-Élysées travel bag in cotton canvas, once belonging to Madame Henry-Louis Vuitton, ca. 1950

Louis Vuitton by Sofia Coppola, SC Bag in monogram canvas, 2009

Boris Lipnitzki
Outfits by Paul Caret, next to a Nieuport airplane equipped with a Delage motor, Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis), 1929

Model of the Blériot XI airplane, 20th century

Heures d’absence perfume, 1927


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November 12th, 2017

3 thoughts on “LVolez – The art of traveling light

    1. I do love the history and craftsmanship but have associated LV with glamorous and adventurous times past. In real life, seeing that I won’t be the one boarding a private jet anytime soon, my carry-on Samsonite will have to do (and it does, just fine). Now, if I was boarding the Orient Express, or even Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling…



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