Warner Bros Studio Tour – IV

Take 2 – Scene 3 ”Sets, Props & Costumes”

Blimp model, Blade Runner (1982)

2, 3/
Jack Warner’s phone and phone book (some mythical names included and that’s only two pages of the letter D)

Dobby the House Elf – Harry Potter

5, 6/
Gravity Capsule
This is one of the original capsules used in Gravity. This is an accurate version of a Soyuz capsule that was designed so that all of the panels could be removed as needed to make room for the cast, crew and cameras.

8, 9/
Pretty Little Liars
A’s lair is the mysterious base of operations. It is where ”A” would go to think of plans, send texts, create messages and find ways to psychologically torture the girls.
The question is: Who is ”A”?

Two and a Half Men
These are the original costumes and the living room set from the final, 2014-2015 season. The view of Malibu seen on the show was, in fact, just a photographic backdrop.

11, 12, 13/
The set of ”Friends”, which at least 95% of you will have recognized. I was not a fan but do appreciate its popularity.

14, 15, 16/
Costume design, Mars Attacks!, Manuscripts

Last, but not least, Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present to you my Oscar (but spare you the painful ”thank you” speech)!

Sets, Props, Costumes (& the Oscars), part of the Warner Bros Studio Tour

July 14th, 2017



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