Portland, Maine || First impressions

It snows a lot in Portland in November. Not like in New York, where the snow wilts and melts and is quickly turned into a grey mass of rock salt, sleazy mud and greasy dirt – no.

In Portland, the snow is fresh and white, crisp and crunchy under the feet. It calls for walks all day long, until it’s too dark and too cold to stay outside any longer.

Walking in Portland: Victoria Mansion to City Hall, down to the Old Port and Harbor Fish Market where our juicy Maine Lobster comes from, passing by the city’s oldest historic site that is the Eastern Cemetery and outside Portland Observatory, the only remaining historic maritime signal station in the United States. Our walk ends at the Fort Allen Park catching the icy cold breeze from the harbour and glimpses of Fort Georges which is accessible only by boat.

Portland, ME

November 19th, 2018


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