Good Taste || Bad Taste

Good Taste – In the Arcade 

Built in 1828, it is the oldest indoor mall in the United States, home to an array of lovely small shops with a vintage feel, a cafe, a couple of eateries and – most importantly – The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council. Checking in obligatory, satisfying weirdness guaranteed.

Three Heroes – Queens of Doughnuts 

The Associated Press clip reads:

NEW YORK, Oct. 25. – Three American Y.M.C.A. women have worked under fire in the open frying 10,000 doughnuts a day for the victorious American troops thruout this week, a cable to the United War Work Campaign Headquarters, made public here today, announced.
The women are Mary Bray, Pawtucket, R.I.; Mary Holliday, Indianapolis, Ind., and Mrs. Edith Knowles, Phoenix, Ariz.
The work was done over an open bonfire, and when regular supplies ran short skillful substitutions were made.

The article refers to Mary Bray, obviously meaning her daughter, Gertrude Cottrell Bray (1888-1975).

Gertrude Bray posing below in her daily work outfit.

Bad Taste – The other side of the Arcade

Bad Wolf

For the Doctor Who fans among us (don’t blink)

Providence, RI

November 24th, 2018


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